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Learn to help others experience essential oils!


Below is sharing in MORE detail.  You might be the type of person who needs some more structure or a plan.  Now, sharing from your heart doesn't require structure, but if you are considering earning an income with dōTERRA, learning to share with intentionality and direction is important.  

SHARING is caring!   

Before you read through the helpful tips and tools below, I want to SIMPLIFY what it is to "SHARE" dōTERRA. It is as simple as it sounds and there's a

good chance you are already doing this!  Share an oil experience with people you care about!  You can 

gift them with some of your own oils in a smaller vial

to have and invite them to learn more.  A great way to share is to host a class!  Have one of our educators

come and teach your loved ones!  You can also refer

an educator to your family and friends and they will reach out and learn how to best serve and educate them!  See?  EASY!  

Here are your NEXT STEPS:

 STEP 1: 

Click  to download  your SHARE GUIDE 

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 11.05.24

This short video walks you through the SHARE GUIDE

step by step.  Download your guide, or purchase a hard copy through your virtual office and follow along! 

 STEP 2: 

Sharing is SIMPLE and EASY!


You should have received stickers with the kit you ordered and can purchase additional sticker sheets on your virtual office for $0.53!  You can ask your enroller if they have vials to purchase, or you can locate the sample vials here:



This is Allyse Sedivy.  Triple Diamond and Top Ranking Educator in our entire company.  She is the first voice many of us were introduced to years ago in the form of Daily Mentor Calls. In 2019, she revamped the calls making them current and let me tell you... they are AMAZING.  EVERYTHING you need to know to share and build is right within these calls.  Here are a few to highlight to help you on your way with sampling.

 STEP 3: 


Ask the person who enrolled you to come and host for you!  You might even receive a thank you gift for opening up your home or business.  OR, bring YOUR family, friends or connections to an existing class in your area!


Host or Teach an EO CLASS 

In addition to utilizing your enroller for support, one of your fave dōTERRA tools, will be the “Class In A Box” kit. It comes with everything you need to educate and empower your friends and community.  It can be found on your virtual office. 
You can watch an example of someone teaching a class and understand how to best hold your first class. Click the link below and you can see a complete breakdown of everything that is included in the “Class In A Box” package that makes educating others super easy.


Note:  Calls 6-8 cover sampling, but listen to calls 1-5 first!  They lay the foundation for you.  You will love them!

 STEP 4: 

How to earn an INCOME by sharing!   



Once you have experienced the benefits of dōTERRA for yourself, you might feel a desire to serve, empower, and share with other people the knowledge you have gained. As you learned above this can be done very easily, but sharing your experiences, sharing a video or inviting someone over to casual learn how the oils can help support their needs. By doing this you can earn a part-time and even full-time income just by sharing what you love.

Want to officially build  your dōTERRA BUSINESS?

There is not much of a difference between SHARING and BUILDING. 

Building just means you have decided to OFFICIALLY turn all that you are

learning and all that you are sharing into a thriving wellness business!  

So basically, you SHARE, you just do it more and with more intentionality.  

If you feel this opportunity is pulling your heart strings, I encourage you

to learn what it is to BUILD a dōTERRA business.  Click below!



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