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Welcome to the Live Guide Overview

Let's begin your self directed wellness journey!

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Congratulations on beginning your journey with  dōTERRA!

We like to say that with a book and a box, you can solve 80% of your health priorities!  If you haven’t already taken a moment to dive into “The dōTERRA Essentials” book, click the link below and download the pdf below. (You should have received a hard copy with your kit)

Here are your NEXT STEPS:

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Click  to download  your LIVE GUIDE 

 STEP 1: 


How to use doTERRA’s Wellness Pyramid to create a wellness lifestyle

Which products address your specific health goals

How to use the Loyalty Rewards Program to save money

Recipes to start using your oils right away

 STEP 2: 


Connect with the person who enrolled you to go over your membership and an essential oil and lifestyle wellness plan  together.  They are here to help you navigate an educated, empowered beginning to this powerful choice you've made

to uplevel your proactive healthcare and vitality.  Plus, they

will remain with you throughout your journey!

    NOTE:  If it's NOT possible to connect with your enroller right away and you  want to get   a jump start, here is a quick explanation of the LIVE GUIDE from our friend, Boyd Truman.   

 STEP 3: 

Access your ACCOUNT + place  ORDERS

Ready to place another order?  

Go to:

To log in, refer to your dōTERRA confirmation

email or welcome email from your enroller.  

You will see your ID # and password. 


For virtual office tour or troubleshooting, here is a youtube channel you can use for support:

If you need to reach customer service, here's how!

Phone: 800-411-8151


Website: look for the "chat" box

 STEP 4: 

Take advantage of LRP

(Loyalty Rewards Program) 

Click on the video to hear one of our amazing educators, Jennifer Bitner, teach you about WHY LRP is the best way to reinvent healthcare in your home and receive the most value.  

Also, here is a FANTASTIC look at 4

months worth of LRP ideas.  


 STEP 6: 

 STEP 5: 

Join our FACEBOOK Community

Join us!  We share testimonials, answer questions and educate on a weekly basis!  

Still want  MORE?

Check out this video on the top 10 oils!

dōTERRA's website

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Source To You - Testing, Growing Partners

+ The heartbeat of dōTERRA

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A catalogue of wellness protocols from A-Z

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Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.31.35 PM.png

In depth education each month on a NEW topic!

Books + Apps

YAY!  You are well on your way!

If you would like to SHARE what you are learning with others or know people that would greatly benefit from the power of dōTERRA's oils, click here to find out the best ways to do that!

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